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Parking Structure - Structural and Civil Grading and Drainage  Header Image

Parking Structure - Structural and Civil Grading and Drainage


Higgins & Associates was retained by a local condominium association to provide an assessment of their exterior parking garage structure.  Due to complications related to issues with a previous sump pump failure and subsequent flood in the below grade area of the garage, the Board was concerned with the garage’s structural and civil grading and drainage conditions. The challenges we were faced with are often common with buildings of this age category, built in the 1970’s. Unfortunately, it is typical for original construction information to be sparse or absent, proper maintenance to be neglected, and record keeping being minimal or non-existent. We also found a lack of institutional knowledge existed because over the years changeovers of the community leaders such as the Community Manager, Management Company, and the Association’s Board of Directors have taken place.  


Higgins & Associates thoroughly investigated the cause and extent of the structural and civil grading and drainage aspects of the parking garage structure and surrounding areas.  In understanding the lack of knowledge regarding the parking garage on the part of the new set of community leaders, educating them on their options was our initial goal.  We laid out simple maintenance repairs that could be implemented immediately to relieve many of the observed drainage issues.  We then presented a plan of next steps that was structured to assist them in meeting their expectations and fiduciary responsibilities.      


With our help, the Association’s Board of Directors and Community Manager have developed an immediate action plan for the maintenance team to start tackling those items within their prevue and are also working with repair contractors to get bids on the usual maintenance or service items where no further assessment or design is necessary.  The Association’s Board of Directors has agreed to retain Higgins & Associates to provide monitoring for the structural issues and cost of repair estimating that will allow the Board to make informed budget decisions moving forward.     

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